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About is an online news outlet registered in Ministry of Home Affairs on August 2019. The main area of focus of this online news is to bring fast, updated and reliable information about Thiladhunmathi region of Maldives.

The website comprises of both English and Dhivehi editions, with the English counterpart named "Thiladhunmathi Times". As one of the most populous regions in Maldives, the region faces lot of issues and has many stories which needs to be brought

forward to the limelight. Our website is currently crowd funded by our dedicated writers who have knowledge and experience in the field of media. Thiladhun publishes fast, reliable and unbiased news from Thiladhunmathi region, Maldives and across the globe in both Dhivehi and English to suit local and foreign readers.

The main objective of our news outlet is to bring forward news from Thiladhumathi. This includes news, public concerns, profiles, reports about development project, Majlis and much more. Thiladhun aims to cover news of all beat related to the region, while ensuring the outlet being independent and one of the people. We would also be covering general Maldivian news of all arenas, and world news as well.

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